You’ve spent so much time and effort making sure every last detail of your special day is perfect.  But what do you do with all of those details once the party is over?  We have some great tips and suggestions on the best ways to reuse and recycle your wedding day items.

Wedding Dress

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Not many people can bear to part with their wedding dress, but finding a permanent place for it in your closet can be a challenge.  Why not repurpose it so you can wear it again and again? Have it tailored or dyed to turn it into a cocktail dress that can be worn on many occasions. Or  you can just use part of the dress, like the tulle, to make a fun skirt. Another fun option is to turn your dress into a christening gown for your future little ones and use the rest of the pieces to make smaller décor items like pillows.


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You can do a lot with all of the flowers that will beautifully decorate your wedding. Use them to decorate brunch the next morning or any other post-wedding activities with friends and family.  You can also keep the vases to reuse in your home and donate the flowers to a nursing home or hospital.  There are companies out there that can help you find the best places near you to donate your florals. Then, of course, there’s always the option to keep some to dry out and use in keepsake displays.

Paper and Stationary

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You can get very crafty when reusing your paper and stationary. Two very fun ideas are to use stencils to cut out designs and reuse as gift tags or, one of our favorites, is to cut your invitation into small strips and insert into a clear Christmas ornament that you can display on your Christmas tree or all year long.

Groom’s Pocket Square

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If you’re handy with a needle and thread, try putting lavender in the middle and sewing into a square or tying up into a sachet to create a beautiful smelling drawer insert.


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The best thing to do with extra food is to donate it to a soup kitchen or food bank.  You’ll want to hire a service to help you do this which can make sure all food safety rules are followed.

Photo Booth Props

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If you end up having those fun props left over from your photo booth, consider donating them to a local school’s drama department, preschool or daycare to be used for costumes and dress-up.

Some items that you might consider keeping that can be reused at home are cake stands, chalk boards, string lights, hanging lanterns and votive candles which can be used for parties or as décor in your home, and a ceremony arch or chuppah which can make a beautiful addition to your backyard or garden especially if you add potted flowers and a bench.

There is also the option to try to sell anything you cannot donate or don’t want to keep.  There are websites and wedding blogs, such as 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled Blog and Etsy, that allow you to post your items for purchase by other couples for their wedding day.