Seared Ahi is not only a great, drought-friendly meat option, but it is absolutely delicious when you pull out all the stops and pair it with the right ingredients. We are excited to present a new item on our catering menu: Seared Ahi with Jade Rice, Spanish Cakes, Braised Daikon Radish, and a spicy Gochuajang Emulsion. This dish is perfect for any sit-down dinner, be it a wedding reception or corporate event.

Leading up to this main dish, our Tiny Thai Tombo Tuna Tacos and Duck Bulgogi Sliders are the perfect hor d’oeuvres to start with, followed by our light Spring Pea Salad.

Global Gourmet Catering

For a beverage, we recommend pairing it with our Sake based signature cocktail, The Sweet and Sour. This cocktail mixes the sweetness of pineapple juice with the boldness of vodka and sake and is finished off with a spicy kick from the Togarashi 7-Spiced rim.

San Francisco Catering