Global Gourmet Catering is pleased to announce the expansion of our creative design team with Kaitlyn Swagerty joining on as our new Creative Director. 

In the short time that Kaitlyn has been with us, her authentic passion has brought an unparalleled level of energy that has sent our clients buzzing with excitement! 

Kaitlyn has always been enamored with design. Starting her career in Hollywood at 23 years old following her time at Chico State, she quickly realized event design and production was her calling. With over 19 years of experience in the planning and seamless execution of exceptional high-profile events, Kaitlyn has worked for the likes of SXSW, LVMH, Benefit Cosmetics, RAW Natural Born Artists, ATX Brands, and most recently, Sparks Marketing and Google. We have had the distinct pleasure of partnering alongside her for several years on Google I/O, where she led the charge on all things food and beverage for an audience of over 10,000! 

Her extreme attention to detail in every aspect of her events is evident at first glance. And continues to be woven in throughout the subtle nods to each theme, menu, and color palette she designs. She is known for elevating even the simplest of parties and bringing a level of artistry highly desired in this industry. 

When she isn’t dreaming up the next big soirée, Kaitlyn can be found working on a DIY project or playing with her adorable 18-month son, Jackson. Her love of cooking and growing her own food led her and her husband to recently purchase a home in the country, where they plan to build a big garden, eventually add some animals, and live a simple life. The balance of a fast-paced career and life in a small town is exactly what she has always envisioned.

We sat down to chat with Kait to see what some of her favorites are at the moment:

Colors that you are currently loving: I’m not sure if it’s the forever gardener in me, or that I’ve been dreaming of Fall so much lately… but I’m really loving a deep sage green + terracotta orange combo at the moment. They’re great tones on their own, together or added to a simple stone or wood background. 

Best event planner hack?  If you’re on a budget for your dinner party or hosting family and friends –  Trader Joe’s is the best spot to grab reasonably priced and unique flowers and greenery. Grab some different-sized mason jars or vases, mix & match the foliage and voila! Instant, beautiful arrangements. Pro tip: you can usually pre-order flowers in advance from TJ’s. Saves so much time & money!

Favorite item from Global’s menu: This is such a hard one! Especially after taste-testing hundreds of delicious Global items over the years. If I have to pick just one, it would definitely be the wood-fired pizza! The sauce is absolute perfection and the crust is by far the best I’ve ever had. 

Your typical weekend looks like… Being a new mama, my weekend mornings start early! (Thank goodness for strong coffee!) Most weekends we can be found spending time as a family at home, working on fixer-upper projects around the house, or starting to map out our Fall garden. I also love popping by our local farmers’ market on Saturday mornings or grabbing lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. And we try to jump in our RV for a weekend of camping any chance we can get. 

What inspires you at the moment? The list is never-ending but I’d have to say organic, simple concepts and designs definitely are at the top for me right now. Everything from hanging floral and greenery installations above a long dining table to clean, crisp lines on a menu and natural tones used as an overarching color palette. I’m very much inspired by less is more, both professionally and in my personal life.     

“Kaitlyn has such a wonderful approach to design and the creative process. Her concepts are crazy fresh and really appeal to both our high-touch executive clients, as well as our more playful tech clients. She’s been with us now for just under a year and has already made a huge impact on freshening up our food, design, and proposals as well as streamlining our creative processes. Our CEO, Laura Lyons, calls her our ‘creative monster!’ and she’s right. It’s a dream to have Kaitlyn on the team!” – Elaine Burrell, Managing Director of Sales and Production for Global Gourmet Catering. 

We look forward to continuing to introduce our clients to Kaitlyn. In the meantime, see that crazy cool concept on your catering proposal? Chances are, Kaitlyn Swagerty was behind it. 

For more information or to request a customized proposal for your next event contact us at 415.701.0001 or