What happens when you’re pregnant and work for an amazing catering company? You receive the best baby shower ever filled with all your delectable cravings and delicious mocktails.

As you may know, I’m the Wedding Sales Manager at Global Gourmet Catering and just recently gave birth to my adorable baby boy. The ten months I was pregnant (being pregnant for nine months is a lie!) I’ve been blessed to work with incredible brides doing what I love most while working with an incredible team. A major bonus is that I get to work with an extremely talented executive chef, Eric Magnani, and his team who create yummy things for me to sell and stuff in my mouth during tastings. (Being pregnant at Global Gourmet has certainly paid off!)

For example, early in my pregnancy I was speaking with the chef about my recent obsession for pickles (very cliché, I know) and he had just instructed our culinary team on how to pickle. (Great timing, right?) So he brought up the most amazing, oversized jar, of homemade pickles for me to nosh on for the next week.

In the following months as watermelon season started, my cravings turned into full-blown watermelon mania. We have a salad on our menu that is my personal favorite for summer weddings because it’s delicious, refreshing, unique and pretty (and why not make everything at your wedding pretty?), our Crimson Watermelon and Gold Heirloom Tomato Napoleon with Fino Verde Basil Emulsion, Burrata (pasteurized, of course), Arugula and Balsamic Reduction.

The team used this salad (and the fact that my belly was as large as a watermelon) as inspiration for my shower. When I arrived, our Beverage Manager, Rachel, was muddling fresh watermelon, scooping watermelon and rolling it in salt and putting together delicious non-alcoholic cocktails while the culinary team whipped up brand new hors d’oeuvres that all had watermelon as the base. One actually looked like full piece of raw tuna and another was a cup filled with sweet corn.

Our Pastry Chef, James, created macaroons that looked like mini watermelons and a beautiful cake filled with my favorite curd he makes, passion fruit.

I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and creativity and feel even more thankful to be a part of such an amazing company that not only takes excellent care of our clients, but of our people, too.

Enjoying my mocktail before opening generous gifts for Baby Radcliff.
Ruby and Heather
Wedding Production Manager, Jennifer, sipping the alcoholic version of the cocktail for me. 🙂

While it’s no longer watermelon season and I miss my son like crazy every day that I’m away, it’s been wonderful to be back with this incredible, supportive team making couple’s dreams come true!