Global Gourmet Catering is gearing up for our busiest holiday season ever! Thinking caps are on, menus are being designed, and creativity is at an all-time high around our offices and kitchens in the Dogpatch. We are so excited for this busy season where we get to help our clients treat their guests to amazing holiday fun. Every season brings new event trends, from food and beverages to overall theme. Here is our list of the hottest trends for this 2015 holiday party season:

1) Hottest Theme

This year, the hottest event theme we’re seeing is Gatsby. The nostalgia and bygone elegance of this theme not only make for a fun atmosphere filled with speakeasies and coup glasses, but also a visually stunning sight to behold. We’re looking forward to getting our suspenders and spats out this holiday season.

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2) Hottest Foods

When it comes to food trends, we love to create engaging and unforgettable foodie experiences for our clients. We’re seeing a lot of requests for our Liquid Nitrogen Oyster Bar along with comfort foods and late night munchies stations.

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3) Hottest Beverages

When it comes to holiday party trends, lets not forget about the all-important adult beverage. We’re excited to see the hot trend of Barrel-aged Cocktails at our events this season, which is an incredibly tasty and interesting take on the traditional shaken and stirred cocktails. We can barrel-age any cocktail for our clients upon their request, four to six weeks before an event. Other hot beverage trends are Hard Cider Tasting Bars (which are just as fun as they sound) and Champagne Ladies who wear special hooped skirts that hold flutes of champagne. Definitely a unique way to serve up bubbly.

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What holiday party trends are you most excited to see?