By Laura Bachmann

July may be nearly over, but summer events are still heating up! And we at GGC are excited to highlight some of our favorite old-time classics and launch some fun and refreshing new summer items.

Beat the heat with our prosecco and popsicles duo, or step-up your backyard barbecue with our summer mango guacamole, best enjoyed with our Havana-style parfaits, guaranteed to make you feel like you’re vacationing on the beach.

Or bring out your inner child with our blast-from-the-past fruit roll-ups. Available in fruity, non-alcoholic flavors (like Green Apple) and funky, boozy flavors (like Mango Tajin Tequila), our roll-up ribbons come with a unique custom display that adds a little something different to any party.

Or enjoy our sweet treat twist on the summer orange. Available with custom branding, this summer fruit surprises with a tart calamansi mousse and clementine-orange compote interior, all wrapped in a delicate (and surprisingly realistic) white chocolate shell. 

Or expand your summer “fruit salad” with our Apple Bomb dessert, made with apple mousse and a brandy-apple glaze. Available in various colors (much like the fruit itself), this surprise dessert also makes an excellent segue for early Fall events. 

Photograph courtesy of Jim Vetter photography.

It’s not too late; we still have dates! 

For more information about planning your summer program, please contact or call 415.701.0001