It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since Global Gourmet’s very own Scott Fairbanks was wed to his partner Max Vargas at the iconic James Leary Flood Mansion in San Francisco. In celebration of their recent anniversary, we’re looking back on their beautiful wedding and the inspired menu Scott, Max and our culinary team created for the special day.

The ceremony took place on a Saturday evening in June at the beautiful Flood Mansion in San Francisco with sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. Scott and Max had been waiting years for this day to be possible and were overjoyed to celebrate this event surrounded by family and cherished friends. Knowing Scott as a chef himself and longtime employee with Global Gourmet Catering, guests came hungry and with high expectations for the cuisine and event design. Scott lined the mansion with three long king’s tables and wanted all the guests to feel like family, so he opted for an unexpected mix of plated appetizers followed by Russian and family-style service for the entrees.

Wedding tables at Flood Mansion

Before guests indulged in a Salad of Arugula and Baby Lettuces with Haas Avocado, Pink Grapefruit and Golden Beets, they were teased with an amuse bouche of Beet “Tartare” with Dandelion Pesto, Chevre Foam and Sweet Potato Crisp served from a service vessel Scott designed that featured clouds of whimsical dry ice “smoke” that covered the table as guests enjoyed their amuse.

Amuse bouche

For the entrée, guests had many options, some of which included Tenderloin of Beef with Flowering Cream Demiglace and Fennel-Crusted Pan-Seared California White Seabass. Sides included Poached and Chilled Stockton Asparagus with Roasted Mustard Seed Vinaigrette and Purple and White Cauliflower with Romesco and Red Chiles.

Creme brulee

For dessert, Scott selected some of his favorites, including Flaming Port and Black Currant Crème Brûlée in Eggshells and Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp with Chantilly Crème. Our pastry chef also created a custom wedding cake, wrapped in a silhouette of the San Francisco skyline cast in chocolate, for the couple.

San Francisco wedding cake with chocolate skyline

We’re still thrilled to have been a part of Scott and Max’s wedding; it was certainly a night to remember and we cherish our memories from that incredible evening.

Scott & Max