Cheryl Fleming, our Director of Wedding and Social Market Sales, is back to answer some of the common questions that arise when planning a wedding. This week we’re focused on planning what, and how much food your caterer should serve at your wedding.

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Q: When should I schedule a tasting? Are tastings offered before a contract is signed?

A: Tastings are a critical step in the wedding planning process, but the promise of delectable food make them worth looking forward to. Ideally, you want to try the food before hiring a caterer. It’s easier to design your menu once you see and taste their work. Be sure to check with the vendor to find out when they schedule their tastings and if they charge a fee for them.

Q: When does the caterer need finalized menu choices and guest counts?

A: Your caterer needs to know your final menu choices and guest counts with enough time to source the product and prepare all the ingredients. They’ll let you know how much lead time they need once you decide on what to serve. If you set your RSVP date shortly before orders need to be placed, you can share an accurate guest count with your wedding vendors and plan accordingly.

Have a wedding question? Just ask and we’ll feature it in one of our upcoming Q&A blog posts!


Photo Credit: Cliff Brunk Photography.