(Part 1)
November 17, 2012

The Bently Reserve

As I’ve mentioned before, we love our couples, which is why we love weddings. We get to know our brides and grooms, and oftentimes their friends and families, for months and months so when their big day comes it’s exciting for everyone. Rochan and Racheal became like family to us, and their wonderful wedding planner, Riri, of TanaRi Events in New York, was a pleasure to work with. The reason I mention all this is to justify that at each wedding, at some point, I will tear up with happiness for the couple and feel so grateful that they have chosen us to be a part of such a special day. Rochan and Racheal had been having traditional ceremonies in Sacramento with their families for three days leading up to the beautiful, large celebration at the The Bently Reserve that we catered (including a delicious, completely custom menu).

Their amazing videographer, Silver Tie Films, worked throughout the night from their final ceremony until the reception to create a video that told their love story and captured the festivities leading up to this reception. I had never seen anything like this before!

So therefore, my tearing up moment at Rochan and Racheal’s reception came when the entire 240 guests took their seats in the main hall of The Bently Reserve, the lights dimmed, and everyone’s attention was drawn to a large screen that hung on the grand staircase at the entrance. Their voices echoed through the tall ceilings and the video played:

Rochan and Racheal
Rochan & Racheal – Love Story + SDE Video from Silver Tie Films on Vimeo.As the video ended and the lights turned back on, Rochan and Racheal emerged from behind the screen and walked down the staircase to join their family and friends who were now clapping, and also crying with joy. It was a magical moment that we at Global Gourmet will never forget.

If this doesn’t make you even more excited to see photos from their big day and read about their custom menu, including lamb and mahi mahi, then I don’t know what will! Please help me in congratulating this beautiful couple!