We’re continuing our Q&A series to address some of your frequently asked questions about wedding catering, event planning, décor, catering costs, venues, food trends, etc. This week Global Gourmet’s Director of Wedding and Social Market Catering Sales, Cheryl Fleming, weighs in on your caterer’s overall relationship with your chosen wedding venue, and why it’s so important.

Bay Area Catering Q: How familiar should my caterer be with my chosen wedding venue? A: Each venue is different and has a unique set of rules. If your caterer has experience with your venue, they will already know the requirements surrounding load-in and out, cooking onsite, and accessibility of guests and vendors. They will also know the appropriate questions to ask to accommodate your particular event. For example, if the venue does not have a kitchen, the catering company would need to bring in kitchen equipment and possibly provide tents. These details could ultimately affect the cost of your event. Have a wedding question? Just ask and we’ll feature it in one of our upcoming Q&A blog posts!