It’s time once again for our Q&A series to address your frequently asked wedding questions. This week, Global Gourmet’s Director of Wedding and Social Market Catering Sales, Cheryl Fleming, weighs in on customizing food and beverages.

Q: Are caterers willing to work with custom recipes, like a special family dish, or an appetizer with some sort of sentimental significance? A: It all depends on the caterer. Maybe you and your fiancé got engaged while sharing an amazing dessert at your favorite restaurant and you would like to include that experience in your wedding. Some caterers are able to work with you on this while others are happiest when sticking with their menus. If this is something that could ultimately be a deal breaker, it’s good to ask the question from the beginning. For example, we work with our couples to give them the most unique, customized wedding experience. We do a lot of customizing, especially with specialty cocktails, creating beverages with the bride and groom’s favorite flavors, or that fit best with the theme of the wedding.

Have a wedding question? Just ask and we’ll feature it in one of our upcoming Q&A blog posts!