We love seeing new trends at weddings and we’ve noticed that couples are getting very creative with how they serve Champagne. The act of imbibing the bubbly drink to mark a celebration came about from the royal courts of Europe in the 1700’s where the expensive drink was viewed as a status symbol. The Europeans also believed that it had a positive effect on women’s beauty and men’s wit.

Sometimes a simple addition to a glass of bubbly can add a lot of elegance and fun. Why not stand out and add a unique flair to this wedding staple to impress your guests? Here are our top 5 favorite ways to easily turn a glass of Champagne into a beautiful and tasty work of art:

1. Popsicles 

Adding fruit popsicles to champagne is a very popular trend at the moment. Not only does this add a beautiful pop of color, but as the popsicle melts it adds extra flavor. We often see this done with champagne coupe or saucer glasses. This lovely stemware is a throwback to the 1930’s that adds an elegant and vintage flare to a reception.  The coup glasses were originally used with the sweeter champagnes of the bygone days, but as champagne become more and more dry, they fell out of fashion because the broad surface design allowed for champagnes to lose its carbonation quickly.  However, they are a lovely touch for weddings that your guests will love.

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2. Champagne Cocktails

We’ve catered many weddings that take the traditional glass of champagne and kick it up a notch by turning it into a delightful and fancy cocktail.  Our signature Cali 75 champagne cocktail has been a huge hit. This is a twist on the traditional French 75 cocktail (which become popular in America after appearing in the movie Casablanca).  Our Cali 75 features gin, basil syrup, basil leaves, lemon juice and is, of course, topped off with champagne.

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3. Flower Ice Cubes

Freezing edible flowers in ice cubes is a beautiful way of chilling and displaying champagne. It is unique and will add lovely colors to any bottle. This is a trend that is really making its way around the wedding circuit and makes a big impression on guests.

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4. Lavender  

Adding a sprig of lavender is an inexpensive, easy and elegant way to spruce up any glass of Champagne. We have seen this many times and will never get tired of it. Your guests will love it not just for its beauty, but for it’s calming effects and lovely scent.  Lavender has been revered since ancient times and has come to symbolize luck and devotion.

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5. Champagne Towers

Another trend that pays homage to a vintage era is the champagne tower, which is gaining popularity as a must-have for weddings. We’ve catered at least three weddings in the past year that featured the champagne tower to the delight of guests. Everything about this trend is fun and beautiful.

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Have you seen any unique Champagne trends lately that we didn’t cover here? Let us know!