March 31, 2012 

California Academy of Sciences

We feel so lucky that we went from helping Kristine with events she planned for her company to helping her cater her most important event, her wedding. It’s hard to pick what we loved the most about this day… while we’d like to say it was all the food, there were so many wonderful things! Was it the fact that it is a stunning, iconic, San Francisco venue filled with life? Or that it is the place they both met for the first time (they even had a heart shaped pin-spot on the exact location they first said hello)? Maybe the custom made 1960’s-esc View-Master Save-the-Date? Or was it the many details that Kristine handmade down to the candy bar labels.

Whatever it was, it was a magical evening filled with love, laughter and an albino alligator.Enjoy the photos and head to our Pinterest page for even more!