Global Gourmet had the opportunity to cater the Dreamforce 2012 opening night gala last night for our long time corporate client Salesforce.com, which took place at Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco, and included The Red Hot Chili Peppers and 25,000 hungry conference guests! (Although we probably fed more than that since there were 90,000 registered attendees for the trade show.)

Dreamforce is the cloud computing event of the year for the tech industry featuring four days of transformatitive best practices, informative how-to’s, training and certification sessions. All in all it’s a great opportunity for people in the industry to learn from some of the best, have a great time, and to rock out to some great music.

This year’s Dreamforce conference has been described by Computerworld as a weird mix of Burning Man and the old Mac Expo with its own TV station, radio channel and dozens of bands performing. It may well be the largest single-vendor tech conference in the United States.

Feeding so many people meant bringing 37,000 pounds of food to the event (we serve local, seasonal, organic and sustainably farmed ingredients, produce and meats whenever possible). Have you ever tried to move 37,000 pounds of anything? It’s quite an operation!

Conference and VIP guests enjoyed a wide range of culinary options on the menu, which included everything from Black Bean Chipotle Meatless Balls, Organic Cornmeal Crust Pizzas baked to order, Hand-Rolled Sushi (also made to order), Bay Shrimp with a Creamy Remoulade and a refreshing Chilled Late Summer California Gazpacho, along with some tasty jams from the Chili’s.

Here are a few photos from the corporate event.