One of the most popular virtual experiences we’re producing for our clients for the holiday season is our interactive Peppermint Party Home Engagement Kit.

Attendees will never want to buy peppermint bark from the store again!

In this 45-minute Global Gourmet Catering Virtual Zoom Class, everyone gets to make a whopping pound and a half of peppermint bark. 

But, before attendees take a trip on the peppermint bark express, one of our Master Mixologists shares the secrets of a perfectly balanced holiday peppermint cocktail!

The kit includes everything you need to make this delicious peppermint bark, and all the beverage ingredients (enough for a double!) including the vodka, peppermint schnapps, cranberry juice, candy cane, and sugar for rimming and garnishing. 

But there’s more – as peppermint bark takes time to cool before it can be enjoyed, also included is a peppermint sweet-salty snack mix for attendees to enjoy during the duration of the class. 

If you would like more information about this home engagement kit for your employees, or any of our other virtual experiences, please contact Lauren Moreno or call 415.701.0001.