We were asked recently if we could create a festive package for one of our clients that would ship out to all their employees to┬ácelebrate the company’s four year birthday and handle all aspects of the fulfillment.

The box needed to ship overnight and arrive promptly by Noon so the employees could begin their virtual celebrations. 

Our solution was to create a fun party in a box, which was actually three boxes within one box. The first “Open Before The Party Starts” box included decorations, a custom banner, and tape. The second box, labeled “Do Not Open But Refrigerate,” contained a full-size cake, premade sugar cookie dough, cookie decorations and icing, premade homemade snacks, and a bottle of Laurent Perrier Brut champagne. 

Box 3 was labeled, “Do Not Open.” This box included swag (branded Transposit mug, beanie, branded champagne flutes, custom cookie cutter) birthday candles, and snacks. 

Once their virtual Zoom party kicked off around Noon, everyone opened their boxes together, drank a toast, sang Happy Birthday, baked their cookies while scarfing their cake and champagne, and enjoyed the festive occasion.

All boxes were delivered on time nationwide thanks to our stellar fulfillment team. And, as you can imagine, shipping a full-size cake was no easy feat. 

“Thank you for making all our crazy ideas come true!”

The cookie dough colors, toppings, cake, cake topper, etc., were all carefully done in the company’s specific brand color palette. 

Happy Birthday! We hope you enjoyed the festivities and the cake too!

Virtual events and experiences like this are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Our employee engagement kits can be customized to meet the specific needs of any virtual audience or event. Global Gourmet’s engagement packages are designed to establish a sense of community for employees, even when working or attending an event remotely. Our kits are just the thing to provide employees a reason to connect, engage, learn, and have fun together.

Contact us if you would like a customized proposal that meets your specific virtual event needs.