We absolutely love Nina’s new option to design your own shoes on their website. This online tool allows you to select from their seven best-selling styles and re-design them based on 16-color palette wheel that changes seasonally. You can even order a swatchbook (free with purchase of shoes) to make sure that the color you select matches your dress perfectly!

Nina’s creative director, Bob Webber, informs us that each shoe is made from fine luster satin. Each DYO (Design Your Own) Shoe is “individually constructed with care and attention from beginning to end. The process begins with the “size last,” which is the foundation of each shoe and what determines how it fits on your foot. Over the years, Nina has developed a reputation for fashioning shoes as comfortable as they are chic.

“We’ve discovered the key places to cushion the bottoms of your feet so you can stay in them for a long time,” says Webber. “You didn’t buy the shoes to take them off at the party. You bought them to wear them all night long.”

Design Your Own Shoes Here:  http://ninashoes.com/design-your-own-shoes

We decided to give it a try and here is what we came up with: