Finally! A bridal line by one of our favorites… Anthropolgie.  The site, gowns, and accesseries are more gorgeous than you can imagine. To be expected from the over-the-top cutesy brand.  It’s called BHLDN… inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep.”  With their roots in the Anhtropologie brand, their passion for experience and creating one-of-a-kind moments runs deep. They “strive to help a woman create an event that reflects her own unique perspective… to a tee. “We want to give a bride that edit she’s been searching for—with heirloom-quality wedding gowns, artisanal hair adornments, footwear, and lingerie. We want happy bridesmaids—in mix-and-match frocks with rich hues and unexpected details.”
BHLDN’s mission goes beyond the just the dress. Their goal and the reason they “drape, fold, bustle, and stitch, is to start a conversation with their customer—to build a resource where she can come to find inspiration and to share with those closest to her, as well as our broader coterie. “There are no checkboxes. No fill-in-the-blanks. On the contrary, we think a moment should be as layered and dimensional as the woman standing within it. Be you. Be loved. BHLDN”