Anka Sayre has been one of our longest lasting and most loved employees at Global Gourmet Catering, having been with the company since December 1999 as Captain and Equipment Manager. As much as we wish she would stay with us forever, it recently came time for us to say goodbye as she starts her next great journey back home in Croatia. Yes, Anka is leaving our San Francisco Catering company and the wonderful American West Coast for the breathtaking beauty of Croatia. (Let’s be honest, who could blame her?)

Bay Area Catering

Outside Lands Music Festival 2015; Anka’s last day working for Global Gourmet Catering.

Anka hails from the town of Zadar on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia where, in her days before Global Gourmet, she worked as a tour guide for German speakers. For those of you who haven’t heard of Zadar, it is the fifth largest city in Croatia, filled with rich history, Roman ruins and medieval churches.

It’s also home to two intriguing attractions, the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation. She is now currently living in the small fishing town of Vrsi which is located 20 minutes north of Zadar and only three minutes walking distance from the beach. Not a bad way to live, in our opinion.

Bay Area Catering

Zadar, Croatia

It’s not often you get someone who is so dedicated to their company that they stay for over 15 years and give 100% the whole time. When we asked her if there were any events or moments at Global Gourmet that were her favorite she said, “I don’t have a favorite one. What stands out about the events are the people I worked with who made me feel good as a colleague and who made me laugh and vice versa, the challenges we had to overcome and the friendships that we created.”

Bay Area Catering

When asked what she will miss the most about living in the Bay Area, she said, “The large selection and abundance of organic fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets, BiRite Market, Rainbow Grocery, grass-fed animal products, parks such as Golden Gate Park and Dolores Park, and the diversity of cultures.”

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On her very last day working for Global Gourmet, we sent her off in style with a surprise going away party, about which she says, “I would like to use this opportunity to thank Laura, David, Mike, Spain, Howie and others who organized a surprise farewell party for me on the last day of Outside Lands and all of the staff who were present at the party to raise a glass with me to say goodbye. It was very moving and I even had some tears in my eyes.”

Bay Area Catering

Vrsi, Croatia

As they say in Croatia, ‘srento’ (good luck) dear Anka and don’t forget about your friends here at Global Gourmet as you soak up the sun in your beautiful country. We’ll be waiting for an invitation to come visit you!