More and more brides and grooms these days are taking a more personalized approach to their weddings and receptions, especially the food, and are turning to Pinterest for creative inspiration.

Over the past year, for example, we’ve been seeing a significant increase in requests for dessert tables instead of wedding cakes, featuring couples’ favorite desserts – oftentimes from their first date or desserts that represent both families’ cultures.

Global Gourmet’s amazing pastry chef, James McCann, loves working on all these fun and personal catering requests for our weddings and making the couples’ special day all the more special by adding his own special take on traditional favorites.

Oddly enough, with the popularity of dessert tables on the rise you might think that traditional wedding cakes would fall by the wayside, but actually they still prevail! Most couples still want that traditional photo of them cutting the cake so they opt to have the best of both worlds – like a presentation with a wedding cake in the center adorned with a plethora of tasty treats.

A tip we offer to our couples wanting a wedding cake and a dessert bar is to make the cake for 50% – 70% of their guest count with the additional desserts at a 60% ratio. So for those traditional guests attending who are cake lovers let them eat cake! You’ll have plenty of others scarfing the warm cookies and chilled milk, key lime bar, or whatever you might fancy, and everyone will go home full and happy.Here’s a sampling from a dessert table tasting we had yesterday for some added inspiration. Our team was in a sugar daze until late last night. As you can imagine though, no one was complaining!