Written by: Laura Bachmann

It’s all the rage right now. Everyone’s talking about it and wants to try it, and here at GGC, we finally got the opportunity to do it. That’s right; we’re talking about goat yoga.

And what better opportunity to do this than for a Halloween team-bonding experience in a beautiful pumpkin patch at Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay? Oh, and let’s dress up as black cats because it’s Halloween, and why not?

It’s exactly like what it sounds like – it’s yoga, but there are goats. They are cute and rambunctious, like to chew on everything and add a fabulously playful bit of silliness to the namaste atmosphere.

Fortunately, the yoga practice is a little more easygoing than your average Vinyasa or Bikram yoga session, which was much appreciated for a beginner yogi like me! But rest assured that you still reap the benefits of mindful breathing paired with intentional movement – that is, when you’re not laughing at the goat that just jumped on your back while you were cat-cowing, or trying to move into tree pose without disturbing the goat curled up next to your feet.

They are heavier than they look!

I will say, though, that holding poses like bridges or squats is far more enjoyable with the distraction of a cute little pygmy goat nipping on your towel. (Rubber mats aren’t recommended for goat yoga – the goats like to eat them!)

All in all, everyone had a great time, including the goats, and we can’t wait to do it again!

Post-yoga playtime at the pumpkin patch