By Laura Bachmann

With 50,000 square feet of space and seemingly infinite configurations of how to use it, Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley is a hip, unique venue perfect for manifesting the creative energy of its guests.

This venue has a wide range of uses:

For coworking, they offer hot desks from 1 to 10 and conference rooms for all-day working sessions with coffee, Lacroix, and snacks. Drop in the day of! More information on Ciel Premier, the new members-only coworking space, can be found here.

For conferences and productions, Ciel offers multiple 2000+ square foot studios with lighting grids, blackout curtains, first-floor loading docks, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open space for EQ, stages, seating, catering, and more.

For events, their intimate studios work for cocktail hours, luncheons, and executive dinners, while their larger studios are great for live streams, speaker series, corporate meetings, and performances.

Talk about a beautiful, customizable canvas!

Plus, given its location in Berkeley, visitors avoid the busy city traffic, and planners can easily coordinate logistics (parking is a breeze here) while still feeling at home in the Bay Area.

The venue also provides a variety of in-house tables, chairs, and furniture for client use and is appropriately tech’d out for all production needs. Add to this the existing (and bountiful) greenery streaming throughout. The only thing needed after booking this space is a caterer, and that’s where we come in!

Fun fact: the blue tint on the windows is a remnant of when this building was used as an old printing factory.

For more information about renting event spaces at Ciel Creative Space or to book our catering services at this location, check out its Venue Page on our site, visit their website, or email Laura Bachmann at Global Gourmet Catering.