We are often asked a multitude of questions concerning event planning, décor, catering costs, food trends, etc. So we’re starting a brand new, reoccurring feature on our blog, where we answer some of your most frequently asked questions. This week, Global Gourmet’s Senior Sales Manager and Creative Director, Scott Fairbanks, weighs in on overall event cost management.

San Francisco Catering

Q: What is the best way to reduce the overall cost of an event without diminishing the guest experience?

A: First take a look at the components of your event in terms of labor. Labor is one of the primary contributors to the overall cost of an event and the Bay Area happens to be the highest priced, in-demand labor market in the nation. Consider what elements take the most labor and see what alternatives are available.

For example, consider using compostable or renewable flatware and tableware instead of china. Think how much less work it takes to clear a table with compostables that can easily be thrown away, as opposed to china which has to be bused, washed, packed, and transported after the event. China requires twice the labor cost of renewable products like bamboo or leafware. Although you might prefer the look of china, compostables in no way diminish the guest experience. You’ll find that many guests actually prefer using environmentally friendly options and appreciate events that utilize sustainable materials.

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