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You have your wedding date picked out, the venue booked and your guest list completed. Now it’s time for the most important aspect of your day – the wedding dress. Some people might assume you just pick the one you think is the prettiest. This is not true at all as there are many aspects to take into account when choosing not only your dress, but that of your wedding party as well. Here are a few important things to think about when it’s time to go dress shopping:

1. Theme of Wedding

It is very important that your dress matches the theme of your wedding. You might completely fall in love with a gorgeous ball gown style, but you’re having a somewhat casual beach wedding. See the disconnect? You would be completely overdressed for your own wedding. So, you would need to opt for something more casual and simple.

2. Venue Specific

Not only do you need to think about theme-specific attire, but you also need to take the venue into consideration. You do not want to downplay attire at a fancy venue nor do you want to be uncomfortable because you chose to wear heels to an outside barn wedding that sink into the grass with every step. If you always dreamed of looking like Cinderella, for example, make sure you choose a venue that best accommodates that.

3. Wedding Party

Almost as important as what you wear to your wedding is what your bridal party wears. You definitely want to make sure your bridal party is appropriately attired as well as yourself. You love the idea of your brides maids being comfortable and want them to wear something unique and fun like flip flops. However, you are having your wedding at an elegant mansion. Again, you need to keep the venue and theme of your wedding in mind for every decision you make about attire.

4. Guest Attire

It is also important for your guests to dress appropriately. On your invitations, make sure to specify what kind of attire will be the most suitable. Use terms like ‘cocktail attire,’ ‘black tie,’ etc. But don’t make up your own term like ‘picnic formal’. This will confuse guests and who knows what they’ll show up in? Stick with common terms that don’t create more questions than they answer and try to be as specific as possible.

Bottom line: it is best to pick your venue first, then your theme, and lastly the attire. And even if you have a fancy wedding, you still need to think about comfort. It’s going to be a very long day, so whatever attire you choose, make sure it is as comfortable as possible.