Here are a few photos from Global Gourmet’s presentation with Cryogenic Fluids to the California Fire Chiefs Association today at San Francisco’s Irish Cultural Center.

We were invited by the SFFD to demonstrate how to use Liquid Nitrogen safely at events according to the guidelines we’ve created in San Francisco (which will likely be the standard in California) and introducing it to the entire Northern California Fire Marshal Association.

Global Gourmet Catering is one of the only two approved vendors by SFFD allowed to use Liquid Nitrogen legally in San Francisco. Because of its extremely low temperature, improper handling of Liquid Nitrogen can result in cold burns, or worse. We’ve been working closely with SFFD to create the guidelines for how to carry, use and store Liquid Nitrogen according to Fire Marshal rules and OSHA standards, along with the strict venue  guidelines that vary from building to building. (Global Gourmet is currently the first and only catering company that can use liquid nitrogen in City Hall.)

We presented and served Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails: Aged #10 Cane Rum Mojitos and Faux-jitos. Spain Salinas presented Safe Handling of Liquid Nitrogen, Sina Scerba spoke regarding Liquid Nitrogen Permitting Procedures, while Tim Weiland and Daniel Delos Santo (specially trained Liquid Nitrogen bartenders) served the drinks, along with Fire Inspector Kathy Harold, our partner at SFFD we’ve been working with for this process.

Our goal was to demonstrate practical culinary applications of Liquid Nitrogen to the NorCal Fire Fighters so they could assess and establish uniform protocol and permitting in Northern California. There were 75 Fire Marshall attending… and one rather nervous looking fire dog. Several city Fire Marshals approached us afterwards to do this in their counties too, so hopefully this program will expand beyond San Francisco soon. Stay tuned!

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