Poke (pronounced “po-kay”) is a Hawaiian fish dish that started sweeping the mainland in 2016, and it’s on track to be the top food trend of 2017. We were excited to be the first Bay Area caterer to bring our own Poke Bar station to client events last year. Here at Global Gourmet we pride ourselves on bringing culinary innovation to each of our events.

Tuna poke bowls

Global Gourmet Tombo Tuna Poke Bowls.

Poke is a simple dish built around bright flavors and fresh ingredients. ‘Poke’ is actually a Hawaiian verb meaning ‘to cut,’ and the star of the show is evenly cut cubes of fresh fish. Traditionally, poke is made with just ahi tuna, sweet onion, seaweed, shoyu and rice vinegar, and is often served atop rice. Different fishes and dressings have become increasingly common inclusions, and more vegetables and toppings have been added to more Westernized iterations. We crafted a few different protein bases, including a vegan option with Sriracha Hearts of Palm, and a special Radish Kimchi for our poke bowls. Each of our poke bowls provides a satisfying mix of veg and umami flavors without being too filling. It’s no wonder poke has become a favorite of foodies in the Bay Area and everywhere else!

Global Gourmet Salmon Poke Bowl.

Global Gourmet Salmon Poke Bowl.

With its blend of bright colors and flavors, this trendy dish is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Poke practically screams ‘summer,’ but we saw these craveable concoctions fly off of our chef-manned stations in the dead of winter as well. Contact us if you’d like to add a Poke Bar to your wedding, private party or corporate event!

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