Our team recently had the pleasure of partnering with Wildlife Conservation Network, a leading nonprofit funding independent global conservation efforts, for their annual all-day conference and reception event. Scientists, conservationists and excited donors gathered for a packed schedule of expert-led talks, networking breaks and a few sumptuous catered meals. As the primary planning partner for this event our team developed some unique solutions for hosting a complex and sizable event in just one moderately sized event venue.

The day-long event went from morning until night and featured a variety of solo speakers and panels throughout the day. Renowned primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall headlined talks for the environmentally minded audience. Locating the event at The Pearl enabled us to take advantage of the main floor as well as the rooftop for concurrent sessions and room flips.

Lounge furniture catering at The Pearl.

Pub tables & lounge seating set up at The Pearl.

Starting at 9:00 a.m. sharp, the conference kicked off with a small group session and breakfast. Following comments about the delicious house-made biscuits we use for our breakfast sandwiches, WCN’s Lion Philanthropy Summit kicked off. Lounge seating in a round offered every guest an unobstructed view of the speakers with significantly more comfort and space than a traditional keynote chair arrangement.  

One of the biggest perks of catering at The Pearl is all the built-in decor. A deep array of map-themed art in assorted sculptural mediums can be found throughout the space, providing some sense of a pre-established theme. The entire space is decidedly modern with industrial chic finishing and can be styled well with little more than good rental furniture.

Daytime lunch seating at The Pearl.

A round, open seating arrangement for speaker sessions.

We partnered with Blueprint Studios as well as Standard Party Rentals and Bright Event Rentals to execute the event. The modern and modular pieces we selected made it easy to rearrange the furniture to suit the changing needs of the conference schedule. Toward the end of the day we welcomed guests to a rooftop cocktail hour so we could rework the room for a larger reception at night.  

Reception catering event venue The Pearl.

Separate, intimate lounge groupings took the floor at night.

Our round, open lounge arrangement was broken into four adjacent and identical groupings in a few minutes as more of our savory stations were set up for the event. These smaller lounge vignettes offered a more intimate experience for the reception guests and encouraged conversation in spaces that felt just a little more private. Votive candles placed throughout the room added a subtle warmth to the switch.

Uplighting and event design in San Francisco.

Uplighting throughout the venue added a special glow to the atmosphere.

A notable addition of uplighting from the Got Light team really helped the main space at The Pearl transition from day to night. The cool, comfortable seating took on a sleeker shine with the room swathed in classic gold tones. Approximately 300 guests came to San Francisco for the reception, which was catered with multiple savory stations. Options included a fresh pasta bar and a menu of internationally inspired skewer dishes.   

We loved the way the space at The Pearl was able to accommodate the consistent motion of this event. From morning until night all of our guests were content, comfortable and surrounded by an artfully designed ambiance. It was an honor just to work the Wildlife Conservation Network and further their mission, but we thoroughly enjoyed executing this event to its highest potential.

Lounge furniture at San Francisco reception.

View from the lounge.

Photo Credit: Jim Vetter, Photogenic Events.