As you may know, there is a new trend in how brides are asking their friends to be in their weddings. It’s getting more and more creative with boxes of champagne sent to girls or very cute, custom cards made. These ideas are scattered all over Pinterest and getting better and better by each pin. It doesn’t surprise me that one of our very own brides at Global Gourmet Catering has come up with by far, the most original “ask” ever.

Christina Prevot and fiancé Cecil Caufield currently live in sunny San Diego and are planning their August 17th outdoor wedding at the stunning Villa Montalvo in Saratoga from the beach. Christina has been one of those brides from the initial phone call that is just plain fun to plan with. She has a great sense of humor, loves cats (as do most of us at Global Gourmet) and has great, unique ideas for her wedding. She racked her brain with a fun way to ask her best friends and came up with inflating swans with notes tied around their necks and sending them to all the girls.

You must read the hilarious, full story here on her personal blog.

The irony with the way she asked her bridesmaids is that she will be serving her guests Roasted Duck Breast with Braised Figs and Port Wine Caramel Demiglace (can you say delicious?). Christina obviously loves to eat birds that live in ponds.

We are lucky at Global Gourmet Catering and feel that we have the best clients that make all our hard work and long hours worth it. And when we work with our brides, we get to know them and their families very well. As I mentioned, Christina and Cecil are a wonderful, fun couple with an equally fun family that we met at the tasting. We are very much looking forward to their wedding date.

Enjoy the photos below of her unique and fitting bridesmaid ask. Have you done any or received any fun bridesmaid ask packages? We’d love to hear!